Why has your PUBG / BGMI account been terminated?

If BGMI/PUBG detects an unusual behaviour, our BGMI/PUBG account will be terminated. The termination period can be 10 Minutes, 20 Minutes ,1 Hour or can be one whole day. If you are facing the situation, now you are in a perfect place to sort the problem. In this article, we will provide the most effective solutions to fix the issue.

Why has your PUBG / BGMI account been terminated?

  1. You termination was due to the following reasons:
  2. Usage of any of the third party apps
  3. Internet connection is poor
  4. Usage of rooted devices
  5. Using a modified data file
  6. Due to the modified OBB File
  7. Because of the mod apk file

How to fix the ban? Do follow the below methods

Make the internet connection stable

If you are not having a stable internet connection, you will see a few error messages like “ We Have Terminated Your Connection Because of an error data with your client “. To fix this issue, maintain a good and a stable internet bandwidth while playing the game. If you still get the same error message, uninstall the BGMI / PUBG app, reboot your mobile, and reinstall it.

Don’t Play the game with an Unrouted or a Jailbreak Device

If you root your Android mobile phone and jailbreak your iOS mobile phone, then your game also gets terminated. “Read from below” is an article , in which, one Reddit user described his experience playing BGMI / PUBG on a rooted Android Mobile Phone.

Don’t use some kinds of modified data file

Using some kinds of modded data files can also result in termination of the account. Many of the users will use no recoil files and modded data files, which result in the termination of the account.

Don't use other OBB files

Same like the modified data file, the modified OBB file can also result in termination ban of your game account. Don’t try to download from any source, try downloading the OBB file only from the app store or play store.

Don’t download crack applications

Many people try to download the cracked apk and use modded apk files to win the game, which is completely against the game rules. Players buy their own private cheats and VIP version using mod apk, which is a complete waste of money. When some of the bypass values of your mod apk get fixed, Your game account will get terminated.

Termination ban cannot be fixed by any root firewall app

The simple answer will be No. Firstly you need to understand the basics rules and necessity of the game. Terminating a port prevents the game from doing packet handshakes. Hence your account will get terminated.  

How to Fix the Account termination while using Hacks?

If you’re using hacks and want to stop the account termination, then follow the below steps:
  1. Don’t play brutally
  2. Take some fights in the last zones
  3. Use fewer recoil guns
  4. Play using Livik Map
  5. Avoid getting in-game reports
  6. Do turn on and off data in the first and third zone
  7. Reset the mobile device


We hope you have enjoyed the article about how to fix the BGMI / PUBG account termination. If you have been banned from BGMI / PUBG and have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.