Want to change Server in PUBG Mobile without waiting for 60 Days? Read the article to DIY

Alas! I have changed my server in pubg mobile without waiting for 60 days. I wish to share the steps, how I changed the server from the Middle East to Asia. Did you choose the wrong server by accident in order to complete the RP mission and now regret it? Don’t know how to change the server in PUBG Mobile without waiting the 60-day limit?

In this article, I will show you a simple trick that will allow you to change your server in PUBG Mobile without having to wait for a time limit.

PUBG mobile developers changed their server changing rules to prevent players from simply completing RP missions on different servers.

PUBG mobile developers also imposed new server rules in Season 16 to improve global regional stability and increase social interaction among players from each region.

Every 60 days, you must select your preferred server to play the game. You cannot switch servers in the middle, nor can you join a room or tournament hosted on a different server.

As a result, always choose the best server with the lowest ping in the game. However, if you chose the wrong server by mistake, you will be able to change it in the game by following the simple steps outlined in the article.

How to Change PUBG Mobile Servers Before 60 Days - Working Method

The server change trick method described in this section is currently applicable to all PUBG mobile versions, including Korean, Global, and India.

To change your server in the game, all you need is a friend who is already on the server you want to join and a tier rating higher than the bronze 3 tier rating.

You can bypass your server at any time by following the steps outlined in this section. Simply ensure that you have a friend who is currently playing on the server you wish to join.

So, let’s look at how you can change your server in PUBG Mobile without having to wait 60 days.

To bypass your server in PUBG mobile, carefully follow the steps below

Step 1) Launch the game and wait for the lobby to load. Once in the lobby, request that your friend send you a team joining invitation.

Step 2) Accept your friend’s invitation and enter the lobby. Tell your friend to give you control of the lobby. Now, in the upper left corner, tap on the Brothers in Arm option.

Step 3) In the Brother in Arms section, tap the Find a Veteran button and then, if available, invite the veterans. If no veterans are available at that time, press the Refresh button.

If you can’t find any veterans, simply untick all of the options in the Preferences section and then press the Refresh button. Check your Brother in Arm matchmaking settings as well. Simply ensure that the server is set to your preferred server. In my case, the match-making must be set to the Asia server.

Step 4) Once you’ve located a veteran, simply keep inviting him or her by tapping the Invite button. This is an important step in the process, and the veteran must accept your invitation in order for the trick to work properly.

Step 5) Begin the match as soon as the veteran accepts your invitation and joins your lobby. You can play the entire match or exit after landing somewhere.

Step 6) You should now only see your server in the settings. It will be changed to the server you want to join automatically. In my case, it switches from the Middle East server to Asia.

This trick is still working, and you can easily follow these steps to change your server right away.

Please keep in mind that these steps are from a trick that allows players to switch servers in the game. If the developer fixes the trick glitch, this method will no longer work. However, if the trick stops working, I will update it and post a new working trick.

Last Words

I hope you have changed the server successfully with the help of this article. It is very simple to change the server in PUBG mobile without having to wait the 60-day restriction period. There are numerous methods for changing your game server. However, keep in mind that these tricks are always patched by developers in the next update.

So I would only advise you to always select the best server for your location. But don’t worry if you chose the wrong one; you can easily change your game server by following the steps outlined in the article.